Drone Services

Drone Services

4 Industries Drone Services Will Impact and Revolutionise

When aerial drones come up in a conversation, one application everyone can connect with is aerial photography. But unmanned aerial vehicles are not just limited to aerial photography and journalism. 

Drone Services have stellar use cases and can be used in a multitude of industries. Despite being prominent, they remain highly underused for their potential. 

So we have put together a list of industries and fields where Drone Services can be used to improve efficiency while keeping the cost low.

Industries Benefiting from Drone Services

Survey: Drone Services Cover More Ground Faster

Surveying is no easy job. Normally, it would require hours of hard work and meticulous analysis to determine the right position of points, distance, and . It would take even longer to complete the surveys of humongous topographic portions.

That’s not the case when drones are deployed for surveys. It is more similar to a cameraman in a helicopter except with less noise and low cost. Drones map the areas clean and provide high-resolution imagery with utmost accuracy. 

With drones, what took hours to complete can be completed in a matter of minutes with exhaustive measurements available in all the formats. The surveyed areas can also be rendered in 3D models for planning.

Infrastructure: Drones Reach Inaccessible Regions like It’s a Cakewalk

Infrastructure maintenance is a costly affair especially if it is for huge companies. They may even require the service personnel to reach dangerous heights to take care of maintenance.

The situation is even dire for telecommunication, gas, oil, and petroleum companies. But drones can seamlessly reach communication towers, refineries, huge pipelines, and every inaccessible place to do the necessary.

Agriculture: Drone Services Betters the Yield

For large-scale agriculturers, monitoring the crops can be a hassle. They have to cover a gigantic farm and that is not humanly possible without deploying more personnel or using advanced field monitoring techniques. 

Drones can better analyze crop health, yield, and equip agriculturers with insights on crop management, harvesting planning, irrigation planning, fertility assessment, and identifying the growth of weed and pests.

Further, unlike synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, Drones are not harmful and will not get in the way of crops in any way.

Mining: Safe and Stellar Analysis with Drones

Drones are as worthy as goldmines for the mining industry. With 3D mapping ability, it is possible to analyze the size, depth, and volume of the deposits without deploying manpower.

Various mineral deposits can be analyzed faster at low operational costs. Drones can also be used to inspect the site and plan mining accordingly. 

But the benefit that outclasses every other advantage is the safety drones offer. Surveying the site landscape, infrastructure, and stockpiling can be extremely hazardous. There is no saying when something can go wrong. In the case of drones, all one loses is a handful of money to buy another drone.

Wrapping Up

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are a boon to the above-mentioned industries and processes, but the application of drones is only limited by creativity. They can be used in defense, weather forecasting, wildlife monitoring, law enforcement, relief measures, disaster management and many more. We might even have drones deliver letters and packages in the near future.

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