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Tailor-made business solutions for empowering your enterprise management.

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100% Open Source

Odoo(Open ERP) is a notable worldwide open-source ERP Platform which empowers your enterprise to uplift the business systems with vigorous enterprise applications.Odoo streamlines enterprises major business operations like sales management, purchase management, accounting, CRM and much more.

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8 Years of Working Experience

As an Odoo service provider and systems integrator, Team Yamama offers implementation, development, customization, consultancy and day-to-day business operations. We help you to solve various problems regarding your enterprise management by providing robust and scalable solutions with our expert team of Odoo developers.

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Dedicated Service Manager

Our Odoo ERP modules include Sales management, HR, Accounting, Finance, CRM, Payroll and Project Management, Product Lifecycle Management, eCommerce Website builder, Point of Sale, Business Intelligence, and even Website Builder modules along with much more custom features.

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On-Time Delivery

Our excellent team of development and operations deliver products timely, that makes us stand apart from others. Our punctual team of operations and delivery provide milestones and reviews properly, and delivers product within the time schedule. Our expanding number of happy clients prove that we, Team Yamama is one of the best Odoo app development companies in Saudi Arabia.

Odoo Services

Custom Websites

Odoo business suite with CMS and website builder tool allows building tailor-made websites with the integration of your business’s online sales, warehouse, inventory management, logistics and much more.

Sales Solutions

Odoo sales solutions offer you a one-stop platform where you can cover all aspects of your enterprise’s sales funnel from proposal to contract operations and management with eSignature.

Operation Management

Systemize, organize, analyse and plan your business routine operations by tackling the power of visual information provided in a deft and latest interface by Odoo operations solutions.

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Empower your organisation’s management with Odoo software for the smooth-running of your complex day-to-day business operations. With a single platform Odoo solution, help you to handle CRM, project management, invoice and billing etc from medium size to large level organizations. Build your enterprise more structured, productive and streamlined in a peculiar way with us.


What is odoo erp development?

Odoo ERP Development is known to be a technological support for companies as it acts like a reliable enterprise resource planning software. The software is meant to leverage the efficiency of business processes with proper integration and upkeep of databases in a progressive manner.

Why companies should use odoo erp development?

Whether you work in a large sized company, a startup, or a medium company, all core functions can be handled with ease through odoo erp development. From day to day administration, sales, inventory control, communication, and process-based functionality can be more streamlined with Odoo. Plus, you have total control over your data on the go, it is well protected, and only registered users can access the same.

How can TeamYamama help you work with odoo erp development services?

If you feel that work is getting out of control and the in house team is not able to complete work on deadlines, then the TeamYamama odoo erp development services have a solution for you. Our automated odoo erp development services securely integrated all the systems. It will be accessible across departments, locations, and employees in a streamlined manner. Use it on any device, at any time, and real time communications will be facilitated.

4. What are the benefits of using the Team Yamama odoo erp development services?

We boost business growth, business process monitoring, technological security, on-time ERP implementation and support, effective duplication of files, and proper update and maintenance of databases. Alongside our systems enable real-time information updates and processes for reliable decision making.

5. Will TeamYamama provide odoo erp development services worldwide?

Yes, we are headquartered in Saudi Arabia. However, we work with clients worldwide. Our clients’ requirements are multi faceted and you can see our work milestones on the website. Be a Odoo backed company and we support you 24/7.

6. What languages are used in odoo erp development?

Most often Python is used in programming and at times Javascript is also used. It supports over 80 types of languages, making it a very user friendly choice for businesses.

7. What Industries can use odoo erp development?

There are no limitations as to which industry can use it. However, at present, we have worked with clients who have stepped up their businesses with the help of odoo erp services. They fall under retail, wholesale, logistics, finance, sales and marketing, e-commerce business, and much more.

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