Odoo ERP: The Fast going business solution

Odoo ERP: The Fast going business solution

Odoo ERP is developed in Python and has its own open-source infrastructure called the OpenObject framework. This framework holds around 30 core modules to handle its functions and over 3000 community modules that help to extend its core functionality. Depending on the client’s needs, the user is able to utilize these modules and build their own custom applications.

A few of the enterprise-level modules offered by Odoo ERP are –

  • Sales
  • Project management
  • CRM
  • manufacturing
  • Purchase
  • Warehouse management
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Inventory

ERP is considered as the backbone of many businesses and stands as a key tool for managing multiple tasks from the business life cycle at a time. The user is able to manage all the processes in a single interactive database management system with a dashboard and built-in analytics.

With over 10,000 applications and modules in its marketplace, Odoo ERP covers a user’s business requirements completely. ODoo ERP and the applications are totally integrated with each other, making it easier to automate a user’s business processes. Having the ability to support the modules and applications of various businesses including the fashion industry, hotel management, eCommerce, trading, manufacturing and education, Odoo ERP stands out from the rest, covering all the needs of a business.

The advantages of using Odoo ERP are –

User-friendly –

Despite having little knowledge about coding and computer languages, Odoo ERP’s user-friendly interface helps the user to manage their business using its default modules. Its drag and drop editor makes it easier while managing various content at a time.

Customization –

Odoo ERP offers the user a high degree of customization based on their business requirements. Its main advantages also include allowing the user to change the shape and color of their custom-built modules as per their needs in order to draw maximum efficiency and productivity.

Faster implementation –

Odoo ERP provides the user with the ability to implement multiple modules at the same time depending on the business requirements. It acts as a one-stop package for any small and medium-sized businesses.

Open-source and license-free –

Licensing costs often stand as a huge disturbance for numerous organizations. Being open-source and license-free software, Odoo ERP makes it cost-effective for its users to continue with their business. The ERP software plays a major role in managing business operations, especially when the organization is in its expansion phase. Most companies tend to use this platform for developing and fulfilling major requirements of their business free of cost.

One-stop solution for all business needs –

A few organizations use multiple software to manage sales, marketing, human resources, manufacturing, inventory and beyond. But Odoo ERP enables the user to integrate all the modules on a single platform, making it easier to run a business. Eventually, enabling the user to focus more on productivity and implementation.

Transparency –

Data can be shared easily within the organization with a few clicks, instead of each department having to hold their own information system, leading to a hike in the expense. Odoo ERP enables the organization to allow all the relevant data to be shared between various departments, eventually reducing the time consumption, expenses and increasing productivity. Owing to the transparency within the platform, the companies are able to detect any potential issues hindering the productivity level.

Real-time data and business insights –

The real-time data provided by Odoo ERP enables the user to make vital decisions on time leading to a drastic change in time consumption. With the required real-time data in hand, the organization is able to respond quickly to a changing environment. As a result, business leaders are able to make decisions with greater peace of mind.

Every organization holds a common objective – to run a profitable business solution. Their business actions revolve around maximizing their profits and increasing the revenue while limiting their expenses eventually bringing them to one ultimate goal – drawing maximum returns using minimal investment.

An ERP software tool comes with various management functions that cater to different business segments. The ERP tool assists a user to keep a note of the sales, reduce operational costs, reducing resource wastage, managing their workforce and maintaining a healthy relationship with all the clients. Being open-source and license-free, Odoo ERP helps the organization to achieve its targets in a cost-effective method.

A few of the management functions that an ERP tool caters are –

  • Human resource
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Purchase
  • Customer relations
  • Managing the warehouse

Odoo is one of the most used and most popular ERP owing to its community’s constant contributions. Secondly, due to its Python core, the user is able to configure and tailor the system as per the client’s specific requirements even after implementing the module.

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