Paving Way for a Technology Revolution

Paving Way for a Technology Revolution

The growth and development of technologies have always been exponential and led to wonderful results. But lately, one of the technologies, the Internet of Things, is gaining a lot of fame and many are expecting to grow to be transformational.

Internet of Things is the idea of connecting all the devices to the internet and enable information exchange to automate various processes and make better decisions.

Applications of Internet of Things in daily Life

  • Connected Cars

    While connected cars do not sound impressive, the implications are much more than transformational. Imagine how great it would be if all the cars traveling on the road can share information about each other and what they see.

    That is, if the car going in front of the traffic identifies a roadblock or something that requires the vehicle to take a detour, it will pass the message to all the cars about the block. This prompts the other cars to reroute effectively saving the time of everybody.

    It also tries its best to keep the traffic in motion and reduce congestion.

  • Super Smart Homes

    When all the home appliances become a part of the Internet of Things, a lot can be achieved.

    For example, if you had forgotten to turn off your AC or any other appliance, identifying the absence of members in the house, the IoT will instruct the devices to shut down immediately.

    If it is connected to your car, it calculates the distance and time taken for you to reach home and adjust the temperate accordingly to make it cozy for you.

    Connected to kitchen appliances, the IoT can even turn on your bread toaster or oven to cook and to quench your gastronomical thirsts as you enter the home.

  • Smart Wearables

    Smart wearables are highly in demand and are already saving lives. One of the smartwatches detected a heart problem in a 79-year-old man and it turned out to be true when consulted with the doctors.

    Smart wearables — watches, bands, or whatever is the name of the device — always remain by the side of humans gathering data such as heartbeat and temperature to identify anything and everything that can be termed as harmful to health.

  • Smart Cities

    Smart cities are well-connected cities where every one of its necessity is taken care of by the IoT. Let it be water management, surveillance, energy management, security, or even environmental monitoring — everything is attended with the help of sensors and the internet.

    Smart cities greatly reduce the basic administrative constraints such as the distribution of water and waste management, allowing human power to focus on better aspects such as construction and infrastructure.

  • Smart Agriculture

    With the help of drones and sensors, agriculture can be made much more productive and lucrative. The IoT-enabled devices can monitor the crops, pest growth, infections, and everything that concerns the yield to alert the farmers beforehand.

    It can also provide insights into the type of crops to plant depending on the expected climate, rainfall, and soil conditions.

This is but a speck of what IoT can do. The Internet of things can be applied to all industries and change the way things work. Retail, healthcare, fleet management, poultry, real estate, and whatnot.

But again, as IoT transforms the business, it attracts hackers and anomalies to enter through the cracks of the system. With the right security, the Internet of Things is just the tech we need to transcend.

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