5 Features Every E-commerce Applications Should Have

5 Features Every E-commerce Applications Should Have

E-commerce applications are easily one of the go-to solutions when people want to buy something. After all, it allows everyone to see the products, compare the prices, and order the product to have them delivered at the door all from the comfort of the home.

Although e-commerce had existed since the time of inception of the internet, it didn’t take off until the late 1990s. And now, the business has grown past cosmic levels that everyone in the world has used it at some point.

E-commerce applications, for the uniqueness of the business, should have a few features to succeed in the industry, and here they are.

Must-have features of Ecommerce applications

  • Product Recommendations

    E-commerce applications leave behind a lot of data about the customers and what they are searching for to buy. This information, although it appears useless, has the potential the transform the business, greatly increasing the product sales.

    While you can use the information about what people are searching for to recommend products individually, it has much more to offer. With the help of data analytics, you can identify which group of population — identified by age, region, etc. — is searching for and ordering a specific product.

    This information can be used to refine the accuracy of recommendations and increase revenue. Data analytics further paves the way to attain more complex yet precise information to explore lucrative possibilities.

  • Add to Cart

    Suppose, your customers want to buy multiple products belonging to various categories. Would you recommend that they buy every product individually?

    If ‘maybe’ is your answer, then what if they had more than 100 products to buy? Would you still answer with a ‘maybe’?

    Obviously not.

    Add to the cart feature allows your customers to select and store all the products they want to buy in one place — cart — and buy them together paying the total sum.

  • Wish List

    Wish List is a feature that allows people to search for products when they are free and add the items to a list. This comes in handy when your customers want to save something to buy at a later time, especially when they don’t have time to spend hours on comparisons.

    Assuming that products can go out of stock, Wish-List helps people to easily navigate to their preferred item and check if it’s back on stock, instead of searching for it again in the pool.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    When you have only one payment option in your e-commerce application, you are actually pushing people to migrate from their preferred payment option to your choice of payment.

    While this looks harmless, the reason a lot of people are using e-commerce is that they don’t have the time and patience to shop juggling between the stores. So instead of moving to your payment option (which is time consuming), there is all the possibility for them to move to a different e-commerce service provider.

    Not to mention, your payment gateway might fault and not generate a one-time password, or worse, not accept customers’ money. So multiple payment options are the ideal choice.

  • Customer Reviews

    Customer review helps fellow customers to identify the right and reliable product. It is also a way to punish vendors with bad service so that they either understand what’s wrong with them or go out of business.

    Apart from acting as the medium for customers to understand the product, Customer Reviews can also help vendors to understand the customers’ expectations.

There are more features that can help both business and customers in innumerable ways, but the five features mention are a must for every Ecommerce application to succeed early on. And if you want to build an e-commerce Application to venture into the business, we are one of the best e-commerce app development companies. We also provide consultation services to assist businesses with the right course of action.

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