Interesting Developments in IoT Technology

Interesting Developments in IoT Technology

The world we live in is highly connected beyond imagination enabling us to know what happened in the furthest corner of the world with just a few clicks. All thanks to the Internet, the information exchange is extraordinarily fast like that of a neural network.

But this requires human intervention to request and send information over the internet. With Inter of Things, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here is a Brief on IoT before We Dig Deep into Its Development

IoT is a system of machines or computing devices connected over the internet to exchange information without any human involvement.Simply put, IoT is about connecting all the things in the world to the internet and allowing them to exchange information.

Developments in IoT that Will Make You Think Twice

  • IoT: The Fuel Of Big Data Analytics and AI

    Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence thrive on data. Larget the data, better the analytics and learning that leads to a better understanding of the underlying logic.

    With IoT, every device: from a surveillance camera to the moving car it shoots sends data continuously to the server. The change in data or time can be programmed to trigger a specific action. Like turning on and off the irrigation system in agriculture, dial emergency during accidents, automatically apply brakes after closing a certain distance calculated by sensors, and so.

    The constant feed of data requires big data management to keep them sorted and checked. And when fed to the AI, it can map the seemingly irrelevant data to valuable information: could change businesses and lead to better understanding.

  • IoT Goes Hand in Hand With Healthcare

    A lot of diseases go unnoticed at their nascent stages and become evident only when they become a threat to life. IoT can potentially shield the diseases from becoming potent.

    Wearable devices can actively keep track of the functions of the body and transmit the information to the server which can check if everything is normal. Even the slightest of the change in the body can be identified immediately and help can be sent if required.

    Healthy habits can also be suggested to keep the body balanced and to prevent it from falling behind in the wellness scale.

    Further, this could potentially lead to ground-breaking discoveries, for new symptoms and anomalies can also be detected at the early stage.

  • IoT and its Cloud Counterpart

    IoT-enabled devices constantly and continuously send data over the internet making it susceptible and an easy target for hackers to dwell. Or worse would be to alter the data bringing down efficiency and analytics of the entire system.

    Being a part of the information age where data is the new oil, it is imperative to secure every byte of data.Not to mention, the data stolen is rotated between the organizations and are always sold for a hefty price.

    This calls for cloud computing with which the data can be stored securely away from the reach of the online decoits. Cloud Computing also ensures that the data is sent and received on time, and thus amplifies the efficiency of IoT devices.

  • The Meteoric Rise of Edge Computing

    One of the aspects where IoT becomes cringe-worthy is that it transmits the data raw and unprocessed. This calls for the cloud to do the processing and that requires more time.

    This delay might not sound too critical as IoT is yet to be adopted by all the industries. But in the future, this could hinder the efficiency of the system. After all, it takes less than a second of data inconsistency to cause the self-driving cars to go bust.

    Edge Computing sends data to the storage points in the vicinity that takes care of processing, sorting, and filtering of raw data into meaningful information before they are sent to the cloud.

    Known for its cost efficiency and speed, edge computing serves the IoT in the best way possible to keep the latency low. The tech is also going through regular upgrades that it could potentially take the place of the cloud for IoT.

  • IoT and Blockchain for Amplified Security

    The security concerns of IoT is much imperative than what is known and emphasized at the ground level. The stakeholders’ and the public’s skeptical reviews should be relieved before IOT can cover more solid ground.

    And Blockchain does just that. The decentralized, immutable, and self-governing technology can effectively provide the security layer much needed for IoT.

    Any data once approved by the system can never be changed unless more than 50 percent of the machines in the network verify and nod to the change. But that can’t be happening as it would render the previous proof-of-work false.

    Also, unlike the centralized and authoritative data storage, Blockchain doesn’t fall apart once a link or node is broken. The information can always be fetched from other machines.

  • Smart Homes and Smart Cities

    People voice their input and the technology merged with the house responds to the command. That’s how it has been functioning until recently.

    Improvements in IOT can automatically jot the route map for the day, take precautions in the home for child safety, deploy power-saving modules, auto-adjust according to the mood and even make coffee when the inmates come home.

    Cities will also receive a mammoth’s upgrade from redirecting the traffic for a quicker commute to preventing accidents.

    Further, the government can also reach people better and ensure that their services reach and benefit people.

  • IOT Unleashes the True Potential of Marketing

    Today, marketing is already highly personalized powered by data analytics. Companies are already reaching the prospects better and have multiplied their conversion. But still, the room for improvement is towering beyond imagination.

    IoT will assist enterprises and their respective industries to leap steps in marketing and sales. With the constant stream of data pouring into the system, the companies will know exactly what is expected of them.

    They will know when their products and services are most wanted and who uses them. This, along with the insights on the customers, will also shed light on how they can improve their services.

    Or more, the IoT will also provide data on the people’s sentiment and how to capitalize on the sentiments based on the regions. Better offers and discounts can be crafted, and best of the prospects can be identified without hassles

  • A Safer Internet Ecosystem

    IoT can better identify the scammers, fraudsters, and hackers preying on the innocent and ignorant. It can also automatically block unauthorized and unverified users from accessing protected websites.

    Can warn people of the people they are talking to. If children, it can e programmed to send a caution message to the parents.Further, hackers accessing even from remote locations can be pinpointed to make the internet safe and sound.

    Wrapping Up

    Internet of Things, as a technology, empowers better businesses to thrive in the competitive world. It could also be said that IoT is a boon to business personnel and the public alike.

    The ecosystem will be easily cleansed of dirt and blemishes for honest and genuine people to live in harmony.

    The blog is but a speckle of game-changing advancements happening in the IoT.

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