5 Characteristics Every Successful Android Applications Has

5 Characteristics Every Successful Android Applications Has

Ever since the invention of smartphones, mobile applications have become the foremost tool for businesses to leverage and grow. After all, mobile phones remain within the arms’ reach of the people for more than 90 percent of the time. And that provides businesses an effective way to promote their services 24×7. Of all the mobile phones owned, android mobile phones contribute to 87 percent, while the rest are fighting to dominate the remaining 13 percent.

But not every android mobile applications succeeds. There are tons of mobile applications in the Google Playstore offering the same service, but only a handful are successful. So we have compiled the characteristics all the successful mobile applications have to help you build a winning android application.

Things Every Android Application Should Have to become Successful

  • Android App Performance

    The performance of the android applications hails above all other characteristics. In fact, high performance has the potential to single-handedly push your android application to the top of the trending list. Users open your application when they want to solve a problem. If it’s a video calling android app, they open it to solve the problem of video calling; if it’s a gaming android app, they want to play games, and likewise to every need. As a service provider, you have to make sure that you are providing the service as soon as they click your application in a clutter-free environment. Not to mention, more than 65 percent of users claim that poor mobile app experiences negatively impacts their opinion of the brand.

  • Great Design and User Experience

    Great design doesn’t mean that the android application has to bombard the users with complex designs. A simple design that is easy to understand yet can deliver the brand’s uniqueness is what gives people a unique experience to remember. Simple designs also enhance the speed of the android application as it doesn’t consume a lot of space and thus greatly reducing the loading time.

  • Intuitive Navigation

    58 percent of android app users become frustrated when interface inconsistencies occur. And frustration leads to uninstalling the application before switching to another service provider. Better navigation makes it seamless for your customers to use your services. And this makes them want to look forward to using your android application the next time. There are three major types of navigation structures. Hierarchical: In here, users can make only one decision per page. They can choose to retrace, or move forward, or start from the first, and so. Flat: Users can access all the primary categories from the main screen. Most of the music apps have a flat hierarchy. Content-driven: This is a unique navigation structure often found in games and eBook Readers where can navigate to a certain page table of contents and such. Android applications can have a mixture of these structures as suitable to engage the users effectively. 

  • Exception Handling

    App crashes are behind 70 percent of mobile app uninstalls. If your android application is equipped with better exception handling, your business is already built on a strong foundation. You can’t predict the behavior of your customers, and you can’t expect them to do only what they are told to. And this is just one of the reasons to have better exception handling for your application. Sometimes, it is the user who raises an exception, and the other, it is the app data. Either way, your android application should be programmed to handle it well. And the same goes to the bugs. Make sure to rid the bugs off your application to provide a better experience.

  • Update and Customer Support

    Making your android application engaging is one thing, but you should also engage your customers in one way or the other. People who use your android application will have doubts and queries arising along the way. When you don’t answer the queries, you are actually losing users who could have been converted into loyal customers. Engaging with your customers also allows you to know what they expect and where your android application lags behind so that you have a list of corrections to be made on the next update.

Android applications are the greatest weapon for all the businesses to proactively reach out to their customers and convert users into loyal customers. But whatever the application is about, without being optimized for the target customers, it will never take-off. Along with the five characteristics, make your android application customer-centric to make it an instant hit.

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