Best Platforms for IoT development

Best Platforms for IoT development

What is Internet of Things?

The IoT is a giant network of a cluster of numerous data collected from around the environment. That includes different objects of all shapes and sizes with in-built sensors that transmit data – from microwaves to self-driving cars and fitness devices to alarm clocks.

How does IoT work?

The IoT collects data from various sources and uses that to provide a proper solution based on the user’s requirements.

For instance, you set your alarm at a specific time every day to wake up for work. However, when something goes wrong – a cancelled train or an alternate route due to bad weather, you’ll have to wake up early in order to reach your office on time. An IoT-enabled alarm collects data with the factors like driving distance, travel time for the alternate route and the current weather conditions. Based on the data, it calculates when to wake you up so you are not late for work.

Furthermore, to develop, manage and host all these applications you need a fully-functional and flexible technology infrastructure platform. The IoT development platform is a multi-layered technology that helps in management, provisioning and automation of the hardware devices connected to the IoT. The development platform helps a user to develop, deploy and manage various IoT applications. It acts as a powerful toolkit to connect numerous sensors and devices from across the world to the cloud wherein the entire data is stored for further usage.

The platforms are evaluated based on the following fundamental components –

  • Device management
  • Integration
  • Security
  • Data collection
  • Analytics
  • Support for visualizations

Best platforms for IoT development

Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT

Owned by Amazon, the AWS IoT development platform enables the user to connect different hardware devices or the mobile application to not only AWS services but also other devices. It also helps the user to secure the data interactions, act upon the data available and even the authority to allow applications to interact with the devices even when they are offline.

The AWS IoT Software Development Kit (SDK) helps the user to enable the hardware devices to connect, authenticate and exchange data using HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) or WebSockets protocols. The AWS enables the user to use a source alternative and even write their own SDK.

A few of the benefits provided by the AWS IoT SDK are –

  • Device Gateway
  • Message Broker
  • Mutual authentication and authorization
  • Registry
  • Device shadow
  • Rules Engine
Microsoft Azure IoT

Developed by Microsoft, Azure is one of the topmost IoT platforms. The Azure IoT platform has been designed and developed in order to deliver the data collection and analysis in the most efficient way possible. This helps the organizations to make not only quick but also accurate decisions which in turn enables them to build more products at more competitive prices.

A few of the benefits provided by the Microsoft Azure IoT are –

  • Application services
  • Messaging
  • Condition monitoring
  • Virtual mechanisms
  • Data storage services
  • Highly efficient database management structures
Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform is one of the most popular platforms, which is easy to use and provides different user-friendly features. With the ability to provide advanced analytics owing to Google’s Cloud Data Studio and Big Query, this platform stands out from the rest. Google cloud’s main purpose is to provide intelligence and data security.

A few of the benefits provided by the Google cloud platform are –

  • Data management
  • Application development
  • Smart business analytics and AI
  • Productivity and work transformation
  • Expandable NoSQL database systems
ThingWorx IoT Platform

ThingWorx IoT Platform is owned by PTC – the creator of CAD. This IoT platform enables the users to gain new insights from the data sourced from various devices and at the same time, it maintains the transfer speed. It also allows the organization to upgrade or replace back-end systems without disrupting the user experience in any way. This IoT platform allows the users to connect to various devices across the network and also provides a quick analysis of complicated data and content.

A few of the benefits provided by the ThingWorx IoT Platform are –

  • Easy connectivity across the network
  • Ability to share the platform among developers
  • User-friendly interface for developing applications
  • Integrated machine learning
  • Ability to deploy embedded, cloud and on-premise IoT solutions on the go
Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

Created by Cisco, this IoT platform is mainly designed for mobile operators. This platform offers various services such as completely customizable billing and reporting system, effective and efficient data and voice connectivity, security and a user-friendly interface for managing the applications. While enabling mobile operators to enjoy IoT services, Cisco IoT can also be used to build multiple products and utilize the resources at the same time.

A few of the benefits provided by the Cisco IoT Cloud Connect are –

  • Voice and data connectivity
  • SIM life-cycle management
  • IP session control
  • Customizable billing and reporting

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