Web Development Specialities

Web Development Specialities

Our web development specialities cover the following:

  • Integration of Odoo with E-commerce websites
  • E-Commerce web development
  • Customized website development
  • GPS Tracking

Integration of Odoo with E-commerce websites

On-Demand Open Object (Odoo) is a cluster of business-related applications including sales management, E-commerce, purchase management, warehouse management, manufacturing management, CRM and HRMS. These business-related applications are collectively called as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Past few years, the number of people using the internet for online shopping has increased drastically. This has led to an increase in the number of businesses who sell their products and services online. However, managing eCommerce business is not an easy task, so, with eCommerce integration, businesses are able to save time and money by accumulating all their needs into a single platform – Odoo.

The benefits of integrating eCommerce with Odoo are –

  • A single platform to manage multiple functionalities
  • Ability to manage the workload with just one system
  • A cluster of information in a single place
  • Ability to integrate required shipping services
  • Completely integrated with payment gateway
  • Ability to manage multiple stores at a time
  • Turns businesses profitable

E-Commerce web development

With online businesses booming across the world, eCommerce is turning into the primary choice of anyone with a great business idea or products and services to cater. Building an eCommerce website will not only strengthen the reputation of the business but also expand the brand nationally and internationally, along with expanding a business’ professional network.
For starters, a business owner has two options in front – self-hosted platform and hosted platform. The self-hosted platform is all about starting from scratch, building a platform as per requirements but the time consumption and costs will shoot through the roof. On the other hand, hosted platforms come with pre-installed ready-to-use features and maintenance plans for a minimal cost. This process reduces the scope for error and managing a website becomes much easier.
Instead of hiring people and paying them to develop a platform, most business owners connect to a platform and provide their requirements. While selecting a hosting platform, a few important things to keep in mind are – speed, uptime, support, scalability and security. Moreover, while selecting an eCommerce development partner – a close location, custom development process, approach towards a process and scalability.

Customized website development

Custom website design is the process where you learn and understand your business completely and apply a sound strategy, user experience, proper eye-catching design execution, programming and marketing strategies to form a successful online business presence. Each and every aspect of the website is put together specifically to meet the organizational goals and objectives.
Our team of experts, varying from project managers, designers, search marketers and developers use the latest technology to create a customized webpage, actionable results and a return-on-investment. Starting from personalized informational websites to data-rich applications or online stores, our team will work towards understanding your goals and provide point-to-point solutions that meet your business web design requirements and objectives.

GPS Tracking

A Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system enables the user to create a fully responsive and modern website that looks good when opened on any device. The GPS tracking website design provides the business with an option to customize the website anytime they want, by just dragging and dropping. Furthermore, there are multiple pre-made blocks with design presets, content, drag and drop builder, sitemap generator and many advanced settings. Owing to these options, the user does not require to edit the source code or set up the server. Basically, a person who is not familiar with coding skills and technical skills will be able to set up the website using the drag and drop builder. GPS tracking website design is System Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly and supports almost all of the available Google fonts.

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