How to create a website that converts visitors into customers?

Is your website able to attract visitors? Are they staying on the website for long? Are they becoming your new clients? Do you feel that the website can encourage them to be a leader? This time, we are going to discuss on how web design development can help you convert your website visitors into customers. It’s a strategy and not certain random rules. So, stay with us, and understand each aspect.

Power up your Landing Page

A landing page is the first entry point into a website. So make sure it is eye-catching, authentic, and informative. For this, ensure that your website development is run by the latest technologies and proper web design aspects too. This way, once a visitor clicks on the landing page, it should help them understand how to navigate to the other page of the website.

Strengthen those Online Promotions

Next, don’t rely on word of mouth alone. Keep your social media alive, and energetic, and post links from the website to the channel pages. This will help people become more aware of your offerings and feel intrigued to reach out.

Let your Web Visitor Get Sticky

We want a visitor to visit and also stay on the website for long. This is what website stickiness is all about. The more the web design and development Saudi quality, it allows people to stay back and use the website or browse the website for a longer period of time.

Sensible Call to Action is a Must

Next is the call to action. This is where the visitor will take action and convert into a lead. Using web design and development dammam, websites can make a sensible call to action so that people feel that they are entering into trusted links and not forced into them. This allows them to return back in the long run. Unless you remind them to take action, they will not buy or look into your service plans. So, make sure to use the CTA rightly.

Check on your Ranking Visibility

Then the last point we have is to check the search ranking of the website. For this, you need digital marketing experts who work on web design and development to give this data to you. They can use data analytics to understand which pages are most visited, and which pages need improvement. A good website will always be crawled to the higher ranks on Google. So, the more visitors you get, the more leads you will gain.

To Conclude

In short, using the right web design and development service is the beginning of converting your casual website visitors into dependable leads. Each of these techniques has to be done every day and it is not a one time job. Especially the last point is where the management needs to watch the data analytics and then make the right decisions at the right time. Try them or even consult with our team to get the best sales leads in the near future.

How to make your website stand out from the competition?

Trying to set up your online business in Saudi or want to beat the competitors in this area? To make your website noticed, the website development and the web design should be professional enough to speak for the platform. Yes, in simple words, it will give the answer to how to make your website stand out in the competition. But, there are more intricate aspects to this, which we will be checking out in this blog.

Immaculate Web Development Processes

To have a smooth web design and development experience is a must for every website to gain attention. Use the latest technologies, tools, and custom based features; one can have a WordPress website or even a totally custom made website. Make sure that the software used is capable of scalability and is highly secure too.

Intuitive Web Design

Next, is the appearance of the website. For this, you have to use the professional web design development services of software companies in Saudi to enhance the look and feel of the website as a whole. Select appropriate color codes, creative layouts, animations, graphics, images, and other movements and page flow aspects. These will help the user or buyer or website visitor to have a trustworthy and pleasant experience here.

Value Added Website Content

Next is the content of the website. When you associate with the most reliable web design and development dammam IT professionals, they will help add content that adds value to the website. Only if your website gives sensible content, the website visitors will feel like approaching for repeated visits. Also, make sure that content is presented in the latest trend and in a logical flow. When good blogs, videos, flowcharts, infographics, and images are given – this will increase the website proposition and ranking of the website.

Search Worthy

Yes, now the next point is to make the website search worthy. This means that you need to have a SEO optimized website. A website will stand a chance of better viewability when it has the scope to be ranked on Google Searches. We don’t have to limit this to Google alone, but the website can be ranked on Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. However, Google is the most visited, we need to find a place to be ranked properly.

Mobile Friendly

The last in the list is being mobile friendly. Take the support and expertise of the developers at web design and development Saudi to help you have a fantastic mobile friendly website. Nowadays people love to browse websites, shop, play games, interact, and attend meetings and classes on the go. So, making your website mobile friendly is a sure step to success.

Winding Up

How many of these tips have you tried for your website? If you are stepping into this, then we are right here to guide you. You can have a detailed talk with our web development experts in Dammam and see how to transform your concept into a great website. From meaningful web designs to strong development concepts, you will be powered with the best from our side.

Why is Team Yamama the best in E-Commerce Website Design and Development?

The e-commerce sector is one of the most competitive businesses on the internet. We need to create an experience online that stands unparalleled to any as the attention span of humans lasts a time frame of about 5 seconds. That minimal time frame is considered as one of the most important factors for customer satisfaction which decides if a business loses or gains customers.

It is incredibly challenging, without a doubt. But, not for Team Yamama!

With years of experience under our sleeves, we’ve been powering the digital realm robust, unique and multi-disciplinary offerings which conform to the latest industry trends.

Starting with understanding your company, audience and challenges, we take you on a journey as we create a website tailored to suit your needs, incite customers’ attention and drive conversations & sales.

As your e-commerce web design and development partner, Team Yamama leverages the power of your business’ e-commerce platform while consecutively creating optimal user experiences.

Our consultative approach topped with unique business prowess enables us to cater to your specific e-commerce operational and performance needs. We’ve been pushing ahead into the digital world with one mission – to ease your route into the digital realm by creating a unique, creative and strong presence.

Our expertise in the field of e-commerce website development extends beyond order processing and transactions. We also design and implement a fully integrated e-management system that is robust and tends to all your requirements. With our custom made websites you can not just track but also capture customer purchasing behaviour; this provides you with real-time data with which you can quickly identify and respond in time.

We believe that the support and maintenance of an e-commerce website also plays an integral role when it comes to service. And so, we also provide support and maintenance services which assure you an unrivalled glitch-free website which stands second to none in performance.

Team Yamama follows a seven-step approach:

  • Discover
  • Plan
  • Estimation
  • Prototyping
  • Build
  • Testing & QA
  • Launch

Our team of highly skilled experts test the website in various manners, pushing it to its limit at each step to ensure that the end product which you receive enables you to stack much more than just profits.

We have multiple reputed tools at our disposal – WordPress, React, Odoo, Magento, PHP, Node JS and Angular JS.

The variety in services makes Team Yamama, a one-stop solution for all your e-commerce web design and development needs. Our services vary from e-commerce implementation to consulting, e-commerce developments to testing and mobile application developments to custom e-commerce solutions.

Being one of the first e-commerce web design and development companies in Dammam, Team Yamama has grabbed the attention of thousands across the city. We pride ourselves in housing a few of the best minds in the industry who have several years of experience under their collar. We also provide cost-effective end to end e-commerce solutions which we promise, would work wonders!

New Web Design Platform Trends in 2021

Over the years, technology has flourished by leaps and bounds and web design trends are no different. Several website features and design elements that were once bathing in their pristine glory may have become overused, cliche and tired.

The last thing you want your customers to do is to arrive at your website and lose interest completely, just because your website looks outdated or fails to uphold critical web standards of today.

Fortunately for you, Team Yamama’s experienced web design team always stays updated with the latest web development and design trends to craft highly functional websites which are robust, easy-to-use and help you pile up profits.

We would love to share with you, some of the latest upcoming innovations, standards and digital technology trends.

  • Website loading time and speed
  • Personalised content
  • Virtual Reality
  • Micro animations
  • Colours to evoke certain moods
  • Data visualisation

Website loading time and speed

This is one of the most important web designing standards – ultra-fast loading time. Quick loading continues to be a top priority for businesses that want their websites to rank well and convert better.

According to research, over half of the browsers expect a website to load within a time frame of two seconds, or maybe less, after clicking a link. Visitors are more likely to close the page if a website takes over 3 seconds to load.

Personalised content

Most advanced websites are designed in such a way that they track the user’s browser history and location; they display dynamic content based on the user’s past behaviour. This content is curated specifically for each user and not as a whole.

Virtual Reality

Websites integrated with VR hit off with customers, right at the moment. It is considered as one of the most powerful tools for websites to serve meaningful and useful content to a visitor; to help them make a quick decision while purchasing a product.

Micro Animations

Micro animations have been popular in the past but in the upcoming years, it will be about using it organically. For instance, e-commerce sites can use micro animations to enhance the user experience by giving customers a taste of the available products.

Colours to evoke certain moods

In today’s world, people have favourites in everything starting from food to footwear and colours are no different. According to colour psychology, for centuries, marketers have been using colours’ impact on human behaviour to sell.

Applying a real-life application on e-commerce websites have a higher chance of attracting customers. For example, green generally denotes natural products while red screams of energy and passion.

Data Visualisation

Exhibiting data in an engaging and communicative way is a struggle that’s worth your every penny. Data visualisation takes the advantage of the fact that we humans are visual creatures. It gets your work done within a glimpse or two – conveying the required information.

Infographics and graphs are some of the best methods to bring data to life and engage your customers at the same time

What is Web App Development and Why You Need It for Your Business?

When was the last time searching on the internet to find something wasn’t the first option for you? Most of the people can’t remember the last time because websites are still the go-to solution for a lot of people when they want something or want to learn about something. And as long as web searches keep kicking, website and web app development will help businesses to grow. But before we see why web app development is crucial, here is a brief on what web apps are.

What are Web Applications?

Web apps are more like a mixture of mobile applications and websites. While most of the websites are static, web apps act on the requests and information fed by the people and respond according to the information. Google Docs, Pixlr, Evernote, and Netflix are some of the successful web apps thriving in their respective industries.

Why Web Apps are Important for Businesses?

Publicizing and Branding

Web applications can be of great help in publicizing your company, business, services, and products. Apart from becoming an access point for your customers to subscribe to your services, it establishes a communication channel where you and your customers can converse effectively, helping you to gather insights on what your customers think about your service, what they expect from you, and much more. It also comes in handy to run search engine marketing campaigns to publicize your company and establish yourself as a promising brand.

Competitive Edge

Businesses today are highly competitive. Without updating your business model and business to suit the ever-changing markets, you will find yourself generating less revenue, and that is if you generate any revenue at all. Web app development is the business solution for you to spread your wings and reach out to the world increasing your prospects. And in this vast, competitive ocean, a good web application will stand as the testimony of your quality and provides a competitive edge.

Convenient to Use 

All you need to use a web app is a browser. Mobile phones, computers, smartwatches, smart glasses, and anything with a browser can allow the users to access your web app. You also don’t have to fear if the device your customers use will be compatible with your regular upgrades and customization. Since it makes use of browsers and the internet, your web app can function seamlessly irrespective of your customers’ devices.

Ease of Expansion

Web apps can be easily scaled to accommodate a humongous number of users simultaneously without you having to worry about crashes or security breaches. As businesses evolve and markets evolve, you will have to make changes in the services and products you offer to remain loved by your customers. With web app development, you can change your app features easily. 

Further, web development doesn’t ask for separate development teams for every platform like mobile app development does. It can be used from any browser without any complexities. It also doesn’t require your customers to download updates every time you bring changes to your web app; you just have to upgrade it on your end and the updates are reflected for every user.

Web Development Specialities

Our web development specialities cover the following:

  • Integration of Odoo with E-commerce websites
  • E-Commerce web development
  • Customized website development
  • GPS Tracking

Integration of Odoo with E-commerce websites

On-Demand Open Object (Odoo) is a cluster of business-related applications including sales management, E-commerce, purchase management, warehouse management, manufacturing management, CRM and HRMS. These business-related applications are collectively called as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Past few years, the number of people using the internet for online shopping has increased drastically. This has led to an increase in the number of businesses who sell their products and services online. However, managing eCommerce business is not an easy task, so, with eCommerce integration, businesses are able to save time and money by accumulating all their needs into a single platform – Odoo.

The benefits of integrating eCommerce with Odoo are –

  • A single platform to manage multiple functionalities
  • Ability to manage the workload with just one system
  • A cluster of information in a single place
  • Ability to integrate required shipping services
  • Completely integrated with payment gateway
  • Ability to manage multiple stores at a time
  • Turns businesses profitable

E-Commerce web development

With online businesses booming across the world, eCommerce is turning into the primary choice of anyone with a great business idea or products and services to cater. Building an eCommerce website will not only strengthen the reputation of the business but also expand the brand nationally and internationally, along with expanding a business’ professional network.
For starters, a business owner has two options in front – self-hosted platform and hosted platform. The self-hosted platform is all about starting from scratch, building a platform as per requirements but the time consumption and costs will shoot through the roof. On the other hand, hosted platforms come with pre-installed ready-to-use features and maintenance plans for a minimal cost. This process reduces the scope for error and managing a website becomes much easier.
Instead of hiring people and paying them to develop a platform, most business owners connect to a platform and provide their requirements. While selecting a hosting platform, a few important things to keep in mind are – speed, uptime, support, scalability and security. Moreover, while selecting an eCommerce development partner – a close location, custom development process, approach towards a process and scalability.

Customized website development

Custom website design is the process where you learn and understand your business completely and apply a sound strategy, user experience, proper eye-catching design execution, programming and marketing strategies to form a successful online business presence. Each and every aspect of the website is put together specifically to meet the organizational goals and objectives.
Our team of experts, varying from project managers, designers, search marketers and developers use the latest technology to create a customized webpage, actionable results and a return-on-investment. Starting from personalized informational websites to data-rich applications or online stores, our team will work towards understanding your goals and provide point-to-point solutions that meet your business web design requirements and objectives.

GPS Tracking

A Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system enables the user to create a fully responsive and modern website that looks good when opened on any device. The GPS tracking website design provides the business with an option to customize the website anytime they want, by just dragging and dropping. Furthermore, there are multiple pre-made blocks with design presets, content, drag and drop builder, sitemap generator and many advanced settings. Owing to these options, the user does not require to edit the source code or set up the server. Basically, a person who is not familiar with coding skills and technical skills will be able to set up the website using the drag and drop builder. GPS tracking website design is System Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly and supports almost all of the available Google fonts.

Best Web Development Platforms

The work or process related to the development of a website for the Internet or the intranet is called web development. It ranges from developing a plain-text simple static page to complex web-based internet applications. Web development is a term which can also be used for web design, web engineering, web content development, web server, network security configuration and e-commerce development.

Several web development companies provide their services at different prices with their own list of perks. Let’s see a few web development platforms that are well renowned –

  • WordPress

  • PHP

  • Joomla

  • Magento

  • JSP

  • WordPress

    WordPress, frequently known as one of the most popular blogging platforms, is among the oldest platforms for web designing/development. With an easy-to-operate interface, WordPress lures business’ owners to utilize this platform to manage, develop and design their websites. To operate WordPress, you need not have an in-depth knowledge of coding or technology; it provides tools to manage websites without much hassle. This web-development platform comes with a list of pre-built embedded functionalities and options that help the user to add or change themes and plugins. Businesses can select a theme and plugin from the inbuilt list and customize their website as per their requirements. Moreover, the popularity of a website depends on the quality of its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords and its ranking on the search engine. WordPress also offers a list of pre-built SEO tools in order to make your website search engine friendly.

  • Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP)

    Earlier known as ‘Personal Home Page’, PHP is a server-side scripting language that offers a huge variety of functionalities while developing dynamic websites. Despite being an open-source development platform, PHP offers a variety of benefits similar to that of any other paid scripting language. Web development, when done using PHP, guarantees a durable and robust website structure that has the capacity to handle huge traffic. In spite of these functionalities provided by PHP, it requires the user to have in-depth knowledge of programming languages.

  • Joomla

    Despite being free, Joomla is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) for publishing web content. Built on a model-view-controller web application, Joomla is among the most popular content management systems. Mostly preferred for developing websites with powerful web applications and multiple functionalities, Joomla’s user-friendly interface offers a strong web-design that ensures the solidarity of the data. Such functionalities are not possible without a content management system. Joomla is created by using open-source software like MySQL and PHP, which provides it with an open-source and versatile infrastructure.

  • Magento

    Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform which is created using the Zend Framework and written in PHP. This web development platform offers thousands of pre-built extensions and is one of the best scalable and free platforms for developing state-of-the-art eCommerce platforms. Magento enables a business to customize their website to any extent using the pre-built extension tools and features. Moreover, Magento also has a user forum which is one of the leading hubs for skilled web-developers.

  • JavaServer Pages (JSP)

    JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a cluster of server-side programming technologies that provide a dynamic and platform-independent method to build web-based applications. The JSP has access to the entire list of Java Application Programming Interfaces (API), along with the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API. JSP enables businesses to create a dynamic web page that are based on HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Extensible Markup Language (XML). In spite of being similar to PHP and ASP, JSP uses Java programming language to function. One of the benefits of using JSP is that the static templates including XML and HTML combine with the lines of code that generate dynamic content.