Why is Team Yamama the best in E-Commerce Website Design and Development?

The e-commerce sector is one of the most competitive businesses on the internet. We need to create an experience online that stands unparalleled to any as the attention span of humans lasts a time frame of about 5 seconds. That minimal time frame is considered as one of the most important factors for customer satisfaction which decides if a business loses or gains customers.

It is incredibly challenging, without a doubt. But, not for Team Yamama!

With years of experience under our sleeves, we’ve been powering the digital realm robust, unique and multi-disciplinary offerings which conform to the latest industry trends.

Starting with understanding your company, audience and challenges, we take you on a journey as we create a website tailored to suit your needs, incite customers’ attention and drive conversations & sales.

As your e-commerce web design and development partner, Team Yamama leverages the power of your business’ e-commerce platform while consecutively creating optimal user experiences.

Our consultative approach topped with unique business prowess enables us to cater to your specific e-commerce operational and performance needs. We’ve been pushing ahead into the digital world with one mission – to ease your route into the digital realm by creating a unique, creative and strong presence.

Our expertise in the field of e-commerce website development extends beyond order processing and transactions. We also design and implement a fully integrated e-management system that is robust and tends to all your requirements. With our custom made websites you can not just track but also capture customer purchasing behaviour; this provides you with real-time data with which you can quickly identify and respond in time.

We believe that the support and maintenance of an e-commerce website also plays an integral role when it comes to service. And so, we also provide support and maintenance services which assure you an unrivalled glitch-free website which stands second to none in performance.

Team Yamama follows a seven-step approach:

  • Discover
  • Plan
  • Estimation
  • Prototyping
  • Build
  • Testing & QA
  • Launch

Our team of highly skilled experts test the website in various manners, pushing it to its limit at each step to ensure that the end product which you receive enables you to stack much more than just profits.

We have multiple reputed tools at our disposal – WordPress, React, Odoo, Magento, PHP, Node JS and Angular JS.

The variety in services makes Team Yamama, a one-stop solution for all your e-commerce web design and development needs. Our services vary from e-commerce implementation to consulting, e-commerce developments to testing and mobile application developments to custom e-commerce solutions.

Being one of the first e-commerce web design and development companies in Dammam, Team Yamama has grabbed the attention of thousands across the city. We pride ourselves in housing a few of the best minds in the industry who have several years of experience under their collar. We also provide cost-effective end to end e-commerce solutions which we promise, would work wonders!

New Web Design Platform Trends in 2021

Over the years, technology has flourished by leaps and bounds and web design trends are no different. Several website features and design elements that were once bathing in their pristine glory may have become overused, cliche and tired.

The last thing you want your customers to do is to arrive at your website and lose interest completely, just because your website looks outdated or fails to uphold critical web standards of today.

Fortunately for you, Team Yamama’s experienced web design team always stays updated with the latest web development and design trends to craft highly functional websites which are robust, easy-to-use and help you pile up profits.

We would love to share with you, some of the latest upcoming innovations, standards and digital technology trends.

  • Website loading time and speed
  • Personalised content
  • Virtual Reality
  • Micro animations
  • Colours to evoke certain moods
  • Data visualisation

Website loading time and speed

This is one of the most important web designing standards – ultra-fast loading time. Quick loading continues to be a top priority for businesses that want their websites to rank well and convert better.

According to research, over half of the browsers expect a website to load within a time frame of two seconds, or maybe less, after clicking a link. Visitors are more likely to close the page if a website takes over 3 seconds to load.

Personalised content

Most advanced websites are designed in such a way that they track the user’s browser history and location; they display dynamic content based on the user’s past behaviour. This content is curated specifically for each user and not as a whole.

Virtual Reality

Websites integrated with VR hit off with customers, right at the moment. It is considered as one of the most powerful tools for websites to serve meaningful and useful content to a visitor; to help them make a quick decision while purchasing a product.

Micro Animations

Micro animations have been popular in the past but in the upcoming years, it will be about using it organically. For instance, e-commerce sites can use micro animations to enhance the user experience by giving customers a taste of the available products.

Colours to evoke certain moods

In today’s world, people have favourites in everything starting from food to footwear and colours are no different. According to colour psychology, for centuries, marketers have been using colours’ impact on human behaviour to sell.

Applying a real-life application on e-commerce websites have a higher chance of attracting customers. For example, green generally denotes natural products while red screams of energy and passion.

Data Visualisation

Exhibiting data in an engaging and communicative way is a struggle that’s worth your every penny. Data visualisation takes the advantage of the fact that we humans are visual creatures. It gets your work done within a glimpse or two – conveying the required information.

Infographics and graphs are some of the best methods to bring data to life and engage your customers at the same time