OdOO ERP, benefits and future

What is the Odoo ERP system?

On-Demand Open Object (or Odoo) previously known as Tiny Enterprise resources planning (ERP) and OpenERP was founded by Fabien Pinckaers in the year 2005. Since its release, Odoo has been one of the fastest-growing organizations with around 16,000 applications/modules in the marketplace.

Odoo is a business software embedded with various features within itself. Listed under ERP systems, Odoo allows the user to build websites and manage online operations using the cloud. Its user-friendly drag and drop editor makes it easier to manage loads of content.

A few of the features offered by the Odoo ERP are –

  • Website applications
  • Sales applications
  • Finance applications
  • Operations applications
  • Manufacturing applications
  • Human resources applications
  • communication applications

Odoo ERP has the ability to handle various activities at a time and even automate sending and receiving invoices. Its user-friendly interface allows the user to organize the shop as per their own requirements including their personal choice of colors and sizes.

Odoo’s ability to integrate with various e-commerce platforms allows the user to reach and interact with multiple potential customers at a time and track pending shipments. This ERP also supports various gateways including PayPal, Buckaroo and Stripe, enabling the user to send automatic reminders to customers with pending payments.

Odoo currently has two versions – the community version and the enterprise version. The community version is the open-source version while the enterprise version comes with extra proprietary features and services along with the community version.

Benefits of the Odoo ERP system

Being an open-sourced software, various organizations and freelancers are able to develop Odoo applications and modules based on their requirements and choices. However, users skilled in open source technologies are able to modify Odoo’s source code as per their requirements. Furthermore, Odoo also provides various default features including sales and accounting.

Odoo’s extensible architecture acts as a boon to many small and medium-sized organizations. The Odoo framework consists of more than 30 crore applications/official modules and around 5000 community modules.

The user can place their modules and applications in the marketplace for sale and even allow it to be downloaded by the client for free. Apart from the default modules, Odoo has around 14,000 third-party applications and plugins available in its marketplace. Most of the applications are custom-built based on the user and client needs, making Odoo one of the most widely used open-source ERP systems in the market.

A few of the reasons why the Odoo ERP system is gaining popularity in the market are –

  • Open-source software
  • Flexibility
  • Scalable
  • Ready-made custom applications
  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to easily integrate with third-party applications
  • Highly modular
  • Industry-specific modules
  • Reduced implementation cost
  • Reduced implementation time frame

However, despite all the benefits and features provided by Odoo ERP system if the user is inexperienced in modifying and customizing the modules it may lead to unexpected losses.

A few of the developer skills a user requires to customize/modify Odoo modules are –

  • Knowledge in API framework
  • Proper expertise in web technologies including XML, CSV, HTML, CSS and javascript
  • Knowledge in Python
  • Expertise in Postgresql
  • Testing skills

A few of the techno-functional skills a user requires to customize/modify Odoo modules are –

  • Knowledge of Odoo app store
  • Proper parsing and feasibility analyzing skills
  • The ability to assess business expansion
  • Collaboration capacity with clients and developers
  • Business functional knowledge

Furthermore, Odoo provides a list of default features for the users who are inexperienced and lack the developer and techno-functional skills to customize/modify Odoo modules. The users can just install the software package and straight away start using Odoo’s default features and modules.

A few of the Odoo ERP system’s default features are –

  • Point of sale
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Project customizations and management
  • Billing
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory

The user’s in-depth knowledge of Odoo ERP’s business solutions allows them to offer the following services to the customers –

  • Installation, configuration and customization
  • Consulting
  • Training support
  • Maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Upgradation
  • Modifying community modules
  • Smart applications development
  • Drafting videos on-demand

Future of the Odoo ERP systems

Odoo ERP is gaining popularity among the organizations and freelancers using the ERP software. The main reasons include its open-source software and considerably developed community. Records state that in Odoo ERP marketplace, it had over 1000 installations per day and has been increasing at a considerable rate since then. As of 2017, around 2 million users have been using Odoo ERP systems.

Odoo uses Python, a high-level object-oriented programming language, allowing it to hold a huge advantage over its competitors. This ERP system’s development impacts thousands of users worldwide – helping them with their business management.

A few of the reasons leading to the increase in Odoo ERP system’s popularity –

  • A great community
  • An increase in job opportunities
  • Unique and exciting projects
  • Career advancements

Odoo ERP system developers have stated that they will be releasing the following features in the upcoming version Odoo 13 releasing later this year –

  • Odoo Bank
  • OCR
  • Accountant as a service
  • Integration with requirement
  • Internet of Things
  • Enhancement in stock management
  • Improvement in the maintenance application
  • Track positions
  • Record attendance
  • Industry focus

How to Hire an iOS App Development Company?

Mobile applications are the modern-day weapons for businesses to improve their service and increase their revenue. But mobile applications are divided between two major platforms: Android and iOS.

Although iOS apps are used by a comparatively less population, statistics suggest that iOS users spend more than Android users. A business can’t ignore such a population especially when it has purchasing power. And iOS applications are the most plausible way to engage such an audience. 

So here is what you should verify before hiring an iOS app development company.

  • Check the Portfolio

    An iOS app development company’s portfolio is what gives you a picture of what the company is capable of delivering. It is also what instills trust in the company.

    Hiring a company that doesn’t have a sound portfolio is strongly advised against because you are investing your time and money into something that has all the possibilities to fail. But yeah, there are excellent start-ups carving a niche for themselves in the industry.

    So a thorough investigation is recommended before hiring an iOS app Development Company.

  • Investigate the Developers

    The skill of the developers a company houses directly reflects upon the quality of the iOS applications they build.

    Also, you should know if the team building your application is qualified. The problem with enterprises is, there are times when the company can assign your app development to a newly joined team who have little to zero experience.

  • Service and Maintenance

    The iOS application you build is going to travel with you throughout your business journey. So along the way, you will need to add new features and fix the bugs as that arise. If you hire a company that doesn’t provide service and maintenance, you will have to repeat the cycle of finding a company to maintain your apps. That is not just expensive, but also requires a lot of time as the new company has to understand the code before they can make changes.

  • Industries the Company Specializes in

    The reason behind investing in the industries a company has served is, the requirement of the iOS applications of every industry can be different. Although it cannot be bluntly said as, ‘hiring a stonemason to make jewelry’, it is similar to that.

    If the iOS app development company has experience building applications for your industry, they know what the customers of your industry will expect and can build according to that.

    It also ensures that even if you miss mentioning some features or requirements of the iOS application, the company you hire will know what is required and what is not.

Make sure the iOS app development company you are hiring possesses everything they need to build the best applications. But if a start-up or an enterprise is highly promising, and if you think they can deliver what you expect, you can relax the restrictions. They are only there to prevent you from encountering a loss.

Even then, double-checking the rating of the company and their verifiable customer recommendations is an extra step of caution before signing the deal.

What is Web App Development and Why You Need It for Your Business?

When was the last time searching on the internet to find something wasn’t the first option for you? Most of the people can’t remember the last time because websites are still the go-to solution for a lot of people when they want something or want to learn about something. And as long as web searches keep kicking, website and web app development will help businesses to grow. But before we see why web app development is crucial, here is a brief on what web apps are.

What are Web Applications?

Web apps are more like a mixture of mobile applications and websites. While most of the websites are static, web apps act on the requests and information fed by the people and respond according to the information. Google Docs, Pixlr, Evernote, and Netflix are some of the successful web apps thriving in their respective industries.

Why Web Apps are Important for Businesses?

Publicizing and Branding

Web applications can be of great help in publicizing your company, business, services, and products. Apart from becoming an access point for your customers to subscribe to your services, it establishes a communication channel where you and your customers can converse effectively, helping you to gather insights on what your customers think about your service, what they expect from you, and much more. It also comes in handy to run search engine marketing campaigns to publicize your company and establish yourself as a promising brand.

Competitive Edge

Businesses today are highly competitive. Without updating your business model and business to suit the ever-changing markets, you will find yourself generating less revenue, and that is if you generate any revenue at all. Web app development is the business solution for you to spread your wings and reach out to the world increasing your prospects. And in this vast, competitive ocean, a good web application will stand as the testimony of your quality and provides a competitive edge.

Convenient to Use 

All you need to use a web app is a browser. Mobile phones, computers, smartwatches, smart glasses, and anything with a browser can allow the users to access your web app. You also don’t have to fear if the device your customers use will be compatible with your regular upgrades and customization. Since it makes use of browsers and the internet, your web app can function seamlessly irrespective of your customers’ devices.

Ease of Expansion

Web apps can be easily scaled to accommodate a humongous number of users simultaneously without you having to worry about crashes or security breaches. As businesses evolve and markets evolve, you will have to make changes in the services and products you offer to remain loved by your customers. With web app development, you can change your app features easily. 

Further, web development doesn’t ask for separate development teams for every platform like mobile app development does. It can be used from any browser without any complexities. It also doesn’t require your customers to download updates every time you bring changes to your web app; you just have to upgrade it on your end and the updates are reflected for every user.

Web Development Specialities

Our web development specialities cover the following:

  • Integration of Odoo with E-commerce websites
  • E-Commerce web development
  • Customized website development
  • GPS Tracking

Integration of Odoo with E-commerce websites

On-Demand Open Object (Odoo) is a cluster of business-related applications including sales management, E-commerce, purchase management, warehouse management, manufacturing management, CRM and HRMS. These business-related applications are collectively called as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Past few years, the number of people using the internet for online shopping has increased drastically. This has led to an increase in the number of businesses who sell their products and services online. However, managing eCommerce business is not an easy task, so, with eCommerce integration, businesses are able to save time and money by accumulating all their needs into a single platform – Odoo.

The benefits of integrating eCommerce with Odoo are –

  • A single platform to manage multiple functionalities
  • Ability to manage the workload with just one system
  • A cluster of information in a single place
  • Ability to integrate required shipping services
  • Completely integrated with payment gateway
  • Ability to manage multiple stores at a time
  • Turns businesses profitable

E-Commerce web development

With online businesses booming across the world, eCommerce is turning into the primary choice of anyone with a great business idea or products and services to cater. Building an eCommerce website will not only strengthen the reputation of the business but also expand the brand nationally and internationally, along with expanding a business’ professional network.
For starters, a business owner has two options in front – self-hosted platform and hosted platform. The self-hosted platform is all about starting from scratch, building a platform as per requirements but the time consumption and costs will shoot through the roof. On the other hand, hosted platforms come with pre-installed ready-to-use features and maintenance plans for a minimal cost. This process reduces the scope for error and managing a website becomes much easier.
Instead of hiring people and paying them to develop a platform, most business owners connect to a platform and provide their requirements. While selecting a hosting platform, a few important things to keep in mind are – speed, uptime, support, scalability and security. Moreover, while selecting an eCommerce development partner – a close location, custom development process, approach towards a process and scalability.

Customized website development

Custom website design is the process where you learn and understand your business completely and apply a sound strategy, user experience, proper eye-catching design execution, programming and marketing strategies to form a successful online business presence. Each and every aspect of the website is put together specifically to meet the organizational goals and objectives.
Our team of experts, varying from project managers, designers, search marketers and developers use the latest technology to create a customized webpage, actionable results and a return-on-investment. Starting from personalized informational websites to data-rich applications or online stores, our team will work towards understanding your goals and provide point-to-point solutions that meet your business web design requirements and objectives.

GPS Tracking

A Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system enables the user to create a fully responsive and modern website that looks good when opened on any device. The GPS tracking website design provides the business with an option to customize the website anytime they want, by just dragging and dropping. Furthermore, there are multiple pre-made blocks with design presets, content, drag and drop builder, sitemap generator and many advanced settings. Owing to these options, the user does not require to edit the source code or set up the server. Basically, a person who is not familiar with coding skills and technical skills will be able to set up the website using the drag and drop builder. GPS tracking website design is System Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly and supports almost all of the available Google fonts.

4 Factors that Determine the Success of an iOS Application

Mobile Applications constitute more than 57 percent of digital media usage, becoming a powerful tool for businesses to thrive in their industry.

To take advantage of the advent of smartphones, various companies have come up with their own mobile applications, but not everyone became successful. In fact, only a handful of mobile applications were preferred by users.

Since iOS devices have a loyal customer base, we have analyzed the iOS applications and found that there are only four major aspects that determine their success..

Characteristics of Successful iOS Applications

  • Intuitive Design

    The very first thing your users see when they open your application is your iOS app design — not the performance, not the functionality, not the features, only the design. Because that’s what guides them to the service. And only an intuitive design can do them justice.Not to mention, your iOS app design is also something with which you can make a killer first impression of your service.

    When such is the case of your app layout and design, you should always go the extra mile to optimize it. Also, iOS devices are known for their quality. While your users can’t look behind the screen to understand the execution of functions, the design reverberates the quality of your iOS application.

  • Boosted Performance

    Do you like to wait to use an application — maybe give it some time to load the screen and every one of its features? Most people don’t. Your users want to use your service the very second the necessity arises. Even if your iOS app is slow by half a second, it is considered bad. And the same goes for every functionality of your business iOS application. It has to be flawless in navigation, execution of functionalities, and provide clutter-free experience.

  • iOS App Testing

    The majority of the successful iOS applications are bug-free. They function without any lags or disturbances in the interface or performance, and this reinforces the importance of testing. The iOS devices are known for their quality, and so the iOS applications require double confirmations for testing iterations. And after you complete developing an IOS application, oversee the testing iterations to ensure the iOS application’s quality.

  • Regular Updates 

    Irrespective of the number of testing iterations, bugs have their own way of crawling into the system after they are released. Page layout errors, crashes after clicking a button, mobile compatibility issues, push notification inconsistencies, and the whole lot. Which is exactly why you should regularly update your applications. With every release, you are not just fixing the bugs, you can also add new features and equip the application for the future.

Although the four factors are the most important to build an iOS application. We emphasize on the necessity to protect your application and your users’ data with secured logins. This also ensures that your services are used not misused in any way and can help to build your brand reputation. We are an iOS app development company and our services are not limited by geological boundaries. You can also get in touch with our consultation wing to identify the right course of action for your iOS app development.

5 Characteristics Every Successful Android Applications Has

Ever since the invention of smartphones, mobile applications have become the foremost tool for businesses to leverage and grow. After all, mobile phones remain within the arms’ reach of the people for more than 90 percent of the time. And that provides businesses an effective way to promote their services 24×7. Of all the mobile phones owned, android mobile phones contribute to 87 percent, while the rest are fighting to dominate the remaining 13 percent.

But not every android mobile applications succeeds. There are tons of mobile applications in the Google Playstore offering the same service, but only a handful are successful. So we have compiled the characteristics all the successful mobile applications have to help you build a winning android application.

Things Every Android Application Should Have to become Successful

  • Android App Performance

    The performance of the android applications hails above all other characteristics. In fact, high performance has the potential to single-handedly push your android application to the top of the trending list. Users open your application when they want to solve a problem. If it’s a video calling android app, they open it to solve the problem of video calling; if it’s a gaming android app, they want to play games, and likewise to every need. As a service provider, you have to make sure that you are providing the service as soon as they click your application in a clutter-free environment. Not to mention, more than 65 percent of users claim that poor mobile app experiences negatively impacts their opinion of the brand.

  • Great Design and User Experience

    Great design doesn’t mean that the android application has to bombard the users with complex designs. A simple design that is easy to understand yet can deliver the brand’s uniqueness is what gives people a unique experience to remember. Simple designs also enhance the speed of the android application as it doesn’t consume a lot of space and thus greatly reducing the loading time.

  • Intuitive Navigation

    58 percent of android app users become frustrated when interface inconsistencies occur. And frustration leads to uninstalling the application before switching to another service provider. Better navigation makes it seamless for your customers to use your services. And this makes them want to look forward to using your android application the next time. There are three major types of navigation structures. Hierarchical: In here, users can make only one decision per page. They can choose to retrace, or move forward, or start from the first, and so. Flat: Users can access all the primary categories from the main screen. Most of the music apps have a flat hierarchy. Content-driven: This is a unique navigation structure often found in games and eBook Readers where can navigate to a certain page table of contents and such. Android applications can have a mixture of these structures as suitable to engage the users effectively. 

  • Exception Handling

    App crashes are behind 70 percent of mobile app uninstalls. If your android application is equipped with better exception handling, your business is already built on a strong foundation. You can’t predict the behavior of your customers, and you can’t expect them to do only what they are told to. And this is just one of the reasons to have better exception handling for your application. Sometimes, it is the user who raises an exception, and the other, it is the app data. Either way, your android application should be programmed to handle it well. And the same goes to the bugs. Make sure to rid the bugs off your application to provide a better experience.

  • Update and Customer Support

    Making your android application engaging is one thing, but you should also engage your customers in one way or the other. People who use your android application will have doubts and queries arising along the way. When you don’t answer the queries, you are actually losing users who could have been converted into loyal customers. Engaging with your customers also allows you to know what they expect and where your android application lags behind so that you have a list of corrections to be made on the next update.

Android applications are the greatest weapon for all the businesses to proactively reach out to their customers and convert users into loyal customers. But whatever the application is about, without being optimized for the target customers, it will never take-off. Along with the five characteristics, make your android application customer-centric to make it an instant hit.