How to use mobile app development to improve education?

If remote learning has gained prominence, let’s credit high-quality mobile app development for this. You must have seen platforms like Coursera and Udemy adding a new dimension to quality education 24/7. We live in an era where every part of our life is on the go. Education too, can be done from anywhere in this world. For this, if you are a trainer, an online school, a college, or an institute – a properly developed mobile app is handy. It increases your feasibility to reach out to your students from any corner of the world.

The education industry has immense scope to grow and if you have the skill to share, make sure you are equipped with a power-featured mobile app that will work on all devices seamlessly.

How can Companies create and own powerful mobile apps to improve their education business?

We’ve got good news! The transformation from physical classes to virtual classes is possible with the help of an experienced mobile app development team by your side. Just let them know that you need the below-listed features in your education mobile app.

  • Make it Robust and Secure
  • A proper mobile app should be backed with a strong and secure database. Infuse robust codes, and dynamic features, with backups so that courses are never lost under any circumstances. Since this is a digitized form of content, the mobile app should allow fluid like file sharing, storing, and retrieval for teachers, students, and parents.

  • Attractive Ui/Ux Graphics
  • Okay, this is education and you know how boring education can be for young children. So, make sure that your mobile app development process ensures the inclusion of logical and innovative Ui/Ux designs. it adds life, understanding, and affinity to the mobile app. If it is fit with vivid fonts, bright colors, and smooth web flow, children and even adults would like to stay in there and enjoy the user experience.

  • Interactive Interfaces
  • Next, we need to make that the mobile app is interactive. You see most of the students, whether young ones or college students or even adult students, would be using the android app and that should be interactive. Make sure that they know how to use the course dashboards, share the pages on social media, and attend and record classes. The interface should be self-explanatory.

  • Quick Loading Time
  • Just like android mobile apps are necessary, do not forget that we have specially curated ios app development too, as your end consumers may have this too. Make sure that the entire course, videos, and communications load quickly and clearly. It should not be broken and for this, the IT team should enhance their quality check process.

  • Simple Functionality
  • Always make sure that your mobile app development company adds a simple functionality to the entire mobile app. At the end of the day, the entire application should be user friendly for all ages. The consumers come to spend time studying and interacting with teachers. So, if it is too complicated, this would encourage them to stop visiting the app. Hence the mobile app should be functional, simple, and clean.

  • Shareworthy Mobile Applications
  • We focus on the sales factors while prepping the mobile app. Therefore the entire mobile app should be worthy to be shared easily throughout various android app and also the ios app Smartphones. When you offer coupons for their loyalty to share, you can get your advertisement done for free. So, make sure they feel the pride in sharing this platform.

    If you are in search of the best mobile app development company to help you out, choose experts check their portfolios, and help them adapt the concept for real using the above features. You can get in touch with us for more information.

    How to develop mobile apps for emerging markets?

    The way the humble mobile app is transforming our preferences in daily life is amazing.  Over  68% of mobile subscriptions exist today. The data from Statista (  )reveal that mobile usage is about 7.33 billion in 2023 and this will increase to more than 7.5 billion by 2025. Interesting right?

    This goes to show that more than 84% of the global population relies on smartphones for study, work, entertainment, and day to day shopping and consultation.  This is why businesses of any niche would scale better if they have a great mobile app to reach out to their end consumers.  The interesting fact is that emerging markets have been using mobile apps more recently and this is a huge market to invest in. As mobile app experts, we have seen the mobile usage growth and here, we are going to outline how mobile app developers and companies can develop stunning mobile apps for the emerging markets of tomorrow.

    What are the ways to build mobile apps for emerging markets?

    Observing the Search Intent

    If you are into product marketing, then work with a result centric mobile app development company that knows how to understand the search intent for your mobile applications. This is a part of Digital marketing whereby the real search goals of the end user, their online behavior, the time spent on the mobile app, and the way they browse a mobile app are analyzed.

    Leverage the User Experience

    Moving to the User experience this should be taken into account when you handle mobile app development. A mobile app user experience should be seamless and for this, you need to take care of each icon, CTA, and color code that is well defined. Once developers create a good mobile app,  that should help in building a consistent buyer journey and a high level of user engagement always.

    Opt for low-spec hardware

    When considering mobile app development, the IT development team should make sure that low-end hardware is used. This is because a large variety of smartphones are low end machines and if your hardware matches this – the running will be smooth. Only if all your probable customers can use the mobile app, you get more buys in the long run.

    Less power usage

    Just like the hardware, the power usage consumption of the ios app should be developed with care. The emerging markets would mean the second world countries that are enjoying the transition into using mobiles for their day to day lives. Here as a power supply is inconsistent, you need to ensure that your mobile app does not eat away the mobile battery to a large extent.

    Mobile Optimized Apps

    The last one on our list is the fact that any mobile app should be optimized so that it hits the searches of the users. Whether you are making an Android app or an IoS mobile app, the same rule applies here. Make sure that the images, videos, website flow, and content as a whole are SEO optimized. This way, Google will find your mobile app worthy enough to be listed in a user search. If the above mentioned factors are taken care of, then naturally the mobile app will get more visits.

    To Conclude

    Unless a good mobile app development company can understand the demands and expectations of the emerging markets, they will not be able to give a mobile app too. We have explained all the factors that you need to keep in mind while developing a mobile application. Start with them, and if you do like a custom made mobile app to serve your target audience in emerging markets, do feel free to contact us. We are right here to offer you IT expert services on mobile app development.  

    Know the Next Big Thing in the Mobile App Development Sector

    In 1977, Nokia broke the application barrier with its unique feature – a snake game. Later, in 2008, Apple launched its first app store. Google followed suit and launched the Play Store in the same year.

    Today, there are over 200 billion mobile applications across the world. However, the number is shooting through the roof with each passing day at an astonishing pace of about 20-25% per year. The revenue generated through mobile applications stands over $200 billion; surprisingly, mobile applications alone contribute to over 50% of the global traffic.

    These numbers do seem huge, and through them, you might also understand the intensity of the competition one might face when releasing their application into the web. The best chance one has when it comes to staying in the race is by ensuring that you make it user-friendly, optimize it well, ensure customer satisfaction, and more.

    To ensure such aspects, the easiest and most feasible option is that you enlist the help of a mobile application development company. Team Yamama’s team of experts has several years of mobile application development experience under their collars.

    Let’s now focus on the next big question – what’s the next step in the mobile application development sector? What are the technologies that are said to lay a foundation stone for the next wave of mobile applications?

    • Human behavior modeling
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to become more mainstream
    • Applications for Foldable devices
    • Internet of Things will be more refined and focussed

    Researchers state that the entire UI and UX will be conceptualized. Utilizing human behavior in mobile application development is not new, but developing an entire application based on human behavior modeling is a novel method.

    AI has already crossed the $50 billion mark as more and more companies are integrating it into their daily activities. The same trend is predicted to be witnessed by the app development community as it will increase retention and engagement with AI and machine learning, and enhance user experience.